Data Management

Which Clinical Data Management System (CDMS) is used at BIOPHICS for data management process?
What are the system requirements for our data management software?
Does BIOPHICS provide medical coding services for clinical trial data?

Statistical Analysis

What statistical programming/software is used for data analysis services provided at BIOPHICS?
What study design that our statisticians have experience with for data analysis?
Does BIOPHICS provide randomization service for clinical research? What programs or tools are used for randomization?
In what format can the data be delivered to clients?

Quality Assurance

Does BIOPHICS have a quality management system in place?
What standards or guidelines that BIOPHICS is in compliance with?
Has BIOPHICS ever been audited or inspected by external parties?

Health Information System

What is Public Health Informatics?
What type of services that BIOPHICS offered in Public Health Informatics?
Examples of Public Health Informatics system developed by BIOPHICS

Information Technology

Is DFdiscover secure?
Is my clinical trial data or project hosted in a secured data center?
Is my data backed up and ready for recovery in a case of disaster?

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