Health Information System

Developing the cutting edge innovation with the
goal to make impact on healthcare at large
Surveillance system is useful for “Predict and Prevention” purposes. BIOPHICS has been working on several disease surveillance projects by making use of health information and adopting the cutting-edge technology to empower communities to predict and prevent emerging threats before they become local, regional, or global crises.
Health Information System systems developed at BIOPHICS are always planned to eventually be adopted for use as part of routine works in real-life settings. Most of BIOPHICS Health Information System systems are now functioning in the cloud environment. Data and infrastructure are security stored with specific access control. BIOPHICS assists system end-users in managing and modelling of their own data with Business Intelligence (BI) approach.

Health Information System Services:

• System analysis and risk analysis
• Customized system development as per user
• Maintenance of the system
• Ensuring of system sustainability
• Adopt and compromise international standards
for system/data transfer and interoperability
• SDLC compliance
• Utilizing cloud technology for bulk/function storage
and business intelligence for data visualization/
presentation and analysis.

We have a strong team of system developers (programmers) with several years of experience in public health Information System area. Solving all challenges of the requirements for health Information System system is the essence of our approach.
Health Information System:

• Patient / volunteer tracking system (cohort & vaccine trial studies)

• Drug compliance system

• Healthcare service monitoring system

• GIS analysis of disease outbreaks

Key features:

• Daily data collection at health facilities and off-facility using mobile technology

• Patient / volunteer profile/mapping analysis

• RSS of patient medical history (for healthcare provider)

• SMS warning for appointment (for patient and healthcare provider)

“We” turn data into actionable wisdom